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Thank You, From the FRIPP Founder
Thank You, From the FRIPP Founder

Thank you for visiting, the home of Fripp where we connect you to your life outdoors by pairing comfort with adventure.  Over the past few years, our brand has evolved into an outdoors experience brand and the new Fripp continues that evolution.

For most of us, getting outdoors is a weekend event or planned vacation.  Life can get busy and doing what you love can get passed over for doing what you needs to get done.  We hope this site provides you with information and the motivation to find live your adventure. Whether it’s hunting wild game, trophy fishing or exploring new opportunities in the outdoors, we want to get you moving.

This site is as much a learning tool for me as it will be for many of you.  While I grew up fishing, I did not get out hunting. I’ve learned so much over the past few years and grown my hunting experience through mentors and people I have connected with by growing Fripp.

Hopefully we can pass along the knowledge and confidence you need to tackle your outdoor adventure.  Through podcasts, blog posts and facebook groups, Fripp will have the resource you need. So get your bucket list ready and let us help you find your adventure.


Rusty Koss
FRIPP Founder


Robert Wicker
Please don’t do away with the pocket on Ts , that’s what I liked most about them since 2014 .

Donna Fripp McLaurin
My maiden name is Fripp and we are the only family of Fripps in my area (Columbus GA). My grandfather grew up on Daufuskie Island. Just wondering how you came up with the name. Needless to say, Fripp and Folly was a favorite brand for us and look forward to the Fripp Outdoors brand.

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