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Taking Action on Your Bucket List
Taking Action on Your Bucket List

It’s the start of the New Year and it’s time to set some goals.  I’m sure you did the same as me last year. Wrote some stuff down, got really excited, forgot about it for 11 months and then realized you hadn’t done what you wanted to do.  Let’s change that this year.

At Fripp Outdoors, we like to talk about our designs being “bucket list approved”.  These are adventures I’d like to take before I exit. In 2018, I wanted to go on a hog hunt.  I like bacon. I wrote it down and even reminded myself monthly for the first couple of months.  At one point I priced out the hunt with a guide. In the end, I never cleared off the time and never committed.

This year, that changes.  I’m going on that hog hunt and I’m going to go through our designs and plan out the “bucket list” adventures on our shirts.

I can’t do this alone.  My sweet spot is screen printing and catfishing.  I need some direction and ideas. I need your help.  I’ll be reaching out to the community for adventure ideas and people who can set up those adventures.

Let’s build out that bucket list and let’s help each other to check it off!

Happy New Year,

Rusty Koss


Fripp Outdoors

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