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Smartphone picture tips: How to get the best shot of your catch or hunt?
Smartphone picture tips:  How to get the best shot of your catch or hunt?

Smartphone picture taking tips:  How can you get the best shot of your catch or hunt?

Today the world is caught up in technology, everyone is out there posting photos on Facebook and Instagram, and this includes everything you can think of from their food to their clothes.  While maybe the hunters and fishermen aren’t as caught up in this, but we still like to post a good photo of our trophies for everyone to see. Why shouldn’t we? We spend countless hours scouting, tracking hunting and fishing and when we have a successful hunt its fun to share with friends and family.

You can have all the technology in the world, but if you don’t know how to set up the photo, it isn’t going to look great.  Let's be honest with ourselves too; you want to show off that wall hanger you have been telling all your buddies about. So if you follow these tips below, you can take the best photo of your trophy.  

The Smartphone

It is amazing how far technology has come in the past few years in regards to smartphone cameras.  You can take amazing high-quality photos with your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy. Both cameras offer a number of great features, and they will all take some truly amazing pictures.  Below are some of the great camera features for the iPhone and the Galaxy.


This is probably one of the most popular brands, and the features on all of the iPhones are pretty impressive.  The newest iPhone, the 8 and 10 both have the same features, so this is what is covered here. The camera is a 12 megapixel which offers some of the clearest images available.  It also comes with optical image stabilization which reduces the blurriness that comes with camera shake. It also has portrait mode which can change the lighting so you can adjust how your background looks.  Overall this is an amazing camera and is on par with many professional cameras.

The Galaxy

The Galaxy S7 has a professional grade dual pixel 12Mp that offers top-notch photos in any environment.  It has an amazing focus button so you can really get the most minute details in every photo, it also helps to reduce any blur which might occur while taking a picture. Another great thing for hunting and fishing is the low light feature, and since many successful hunts and fishing trips end at dusk, the Galaxy S7 will capture more light, so you get a bright picture every time.

Skyline the Picture

If you really want that deer or bass to look huge, make sure that you take a picture against the skyline.  This will really show off the size of the deer, and without any reference to trees or bushes, it will have your deer looking like a monster no matter what the size is.

Straight on Picture

Another thing you want to do when you are taking the picture is making sure that you have the camera leveled with your trophy.  If you take it from up high, you will make your trophy animal appear smaller. So get on a level surface with your recent kill and make sure that the camera is stable.  This will give you the most appealing photo.

You don’t have to have a straight on picture; you can do it slightly below the deer.  It will help capture the entire image of your deer and when its taken from below it will make it look slightly larger.  Either way, you want to avoid taking a picture downwards.


Lighting is critical in photography, and it is the same for your hunting picture as well.  Basic photography says that you want to have the sun behind you while you are taking the picture, and this will get you one of the best overall photos.  

The lighting is where you can try and tap into your artistic side, you can try and do different angles and see what works best. Also, some cameras will offer filters and different effects that you can add to make it look a little nicer.  If you finished your hunting or fishing at night, you would probably want to wait until you are in a well lighted area, or you will get a dark and often times blurry picture. So wait for the proper lighting, and you will do your trophy justice.

Multiple Photos

One thing you will definitely want to do is take a number of photos.  This not only allows you to pick the best photo, but you will get a number of memories.  Most cameras have more than enough room to take a number of photos, so you don’t have to use them sparingly.  When you get back to camp, you can go through and pick out the best photo overall.

Pick the Scene

One of the key things to do with a picture is set the perfect scene.  You know what to look for; you want a natural scene, maybe try it right after the kill or right after you bring that fish in the boat.  This is the best and most natural form to take the picture. It is always best to take the animal out of the cooler or the truck and make sure that it's in a natural setting.  


You should be excited no matter what kind of trophy you take, and it should be a fun and exciting thing to show it off to the world.  If you follow the few tips above you can make sure that you take a great picture every time. Make sure that you play around with your camera and you learn what it can do so you can get the best photo.  

Always make sure you set the right scene, and that you have a good amount of light.  The better the light, the better your picture will look. Just make sure that you have a nice clean picture and take a few so you can pick out the best later on.  

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