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In a Pinch Rifle Sighting tips
In a Pinch Rifle Sighting tips

Sometimes we don’t have as much time as we would like to sight in a rifle. Whether it is because of family or work obligations, it's still important that you sight your rifle in before hunting season starts.  For those who are short on time, but still want to make accurate shots, there a few ways that you can quickly sight in your rifle and ensure accurate shots.  

There is nothing more important for a hunter or outdoorsman than having a rifle that is accurate.  The tips listed below will show you how to quickly sight your rifle in, without having to spend your whole day at the range.  You can shoot with confidence and know that when you take the shot you will make a clean kill on whatever you are hunting.

Bore Sighting

One of the quickest and easiest ways to quickly sight in a rifle is to purchase a bore sighting kit.  It is a small laser that is inserted into the bore of your rifle. Then you will place the rifle on a stand and point it at a target.  

From there you adjust the scope crosshairs until it is right on the point of the laser.  This helps to move the scope into position. While this is a quick way to sight a rifle, it is important that before you go hunting you shoot the rifle a few times.  

As bore sights have been known to be off slightly, and when it comes to taking an animal you want to make sure your gun is accurate.  The bore sight is a quick way to get you on the paper and in the general vicinity of the bull eye.

The Two Shot Sight-In

The other method is what is called the two shot sight in.  This is one of the easiest ways to sight your rifle in only two shots.  It requires you to have a stable shooting platform, and a friend will make it a little easier as well.  

It is fairly simple, you put the rifle scope crosshairs on the bullseye, and then you pull the trigger.  After you shoot the target you simply take the sight and place it back on the bullseye. Then you have your friend help you with the next part.  

They will simply adjust your crosshairs until it is on the hole that you made with your first shot.  After the crosshairs are on that spot, you will aim at the bullseye and pull the trigger. The gun should be right on target at this point.  


Before every season it is important that you take your rifles to the range and shoot them.  Also, if you travel by plane you should resight your gun once you get to your final destination.  The bore sight is a great way to sight in a new gun and get your shots on paper. While the two shot method is a quick way to ensure accuracy without a lot of work.  No matter which method you choose make sure that your guns are sighted in for the next season.

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