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Restoring Duck Decoys
Restoring Duck Decoys

The quality of your duck decoys can potentially make or break the success of your waterfowl hunt. When ducks drop toward your spread, it's because they think your decoys are real. Without proper maintenance, your decoys aren't believable. Issues like caked on mud and missing paint are easy and inexpensive to fix.


We highly recommend repairing your ducks before the beginning of the hunting season. In fact, the end of the season is probably the best time to begin repairing your dekes. If you remedy these issues while they are still new and fresh, it will be a lot easier than waiting until next winter to get rid of the caked on mud and it gives you more time to consider how you want to upgrade your spread.














To fix leaks, you can drain the water out of the hole or crack. If the holes and cracks are tiny, you can drill to make the hole larger and easier to drain from.  Afterwards, fill the hole with epoxy sealant.










Next, wash the decoys with water only. Soap can cause discoloration so we only advice using it if your dekes don't come clean with scrubbing or power washing. If your decals look great after washing then you're done. If they a look a little dull then they need repainting.





Paint kits are available at many stores like Bass Pro Fishing and Cabela's. You will also need several wide,  narrow, and tapered paintbrushes to match the details of the original paint job.



Upgrading Your Spread



Before hunting season starts is also other perfect time to fix issues with your spread. You can add weights and more decoys and fix any issues you have with your lines. We recommend having two separate sets of decoys for shallow and deep water.

Not only will repairing your decoys save you money but it will make your spread more effective next hunting season. 

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