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Redfishing tips and tricks
Redfishing tips and tricks

Redfish are some of the best fish to catch.  Not only are they a blast to fight they taste great too.  They can be found all across the eastern seaboard but they are more prominent in the area between North Carolina and down to the Texas gulf coast. If you have never experienced catching these fish then you are truly missing out on an experience.  

No matter where you enjoy fishing for reds at, you can always rely on it being some of the most exciting fishing around.  There are four different species of redfish, this includes Red Snapper, Red Drum, Acadian fish, and Rosefish. The two most popular to both catch and eat are snapper and drum, as they are the most abundant in the Southeastern United States.  This article is going to delve into some tips and tricks for catching Red drum in particular.

Utilize the Tides

Redfish love to feed, and they follow the tides.  So make sure that you are keeping track of the tides, as the tide comes in you will see the reds coming in to feed up in the marshland.  They usually come into the marsh and tidal areas to feed on smaller fish or fiddler crabs.

One thing that you should do is set your boat up about two hours before the tide starts to come in.  As the waters rise you will notice that the reds will start making their way into feed, so you will be poised in the perfect position to catch a few bulls.  They are fun fish to catch because they often make long runs, so be prepared for a battle.

Using Bait

There are a number of different things that people like to use to catch redfish.  You will be surprised at the wide variety of things these fish will eat. Some like to use topwater lures or others but it is truly hard to find anything better than finger mullet.  

Live finger mullet tend to land the biggest fish.  If you can go out and catch your own in a cast net, or find someone who has live ones you will find that the reds will hit them the hardest.  They are also big enough to resist being eaten by smaller fish that you are not targeting. So go out and get some finger mullet and you should have a good amount of success.  

There are a good number of people who use artificial bait and have a great success.  Some fishermen are using smaller lures, that are actually spoon flies. These lures are loud and shiny underwater and will have the bulls hitting them hard all day, as they look to feed and see it as easy bait.  

It is always best to bring a variety of lures or live bait.  You never know what the fish may be hitting harder that day too so it pays to come prepared.  Also, take a look around at the bait in the area, and try to match your artificial bait with it.   Proper research and having variety will pay off when fishing these ferocious eaters.

Areas to Target Reds

Reds can be caught in an abundance of areas, everything from offshore fishing, jetties, passes, saltwater marshes, tidal creeks, structures, and spartina grass gives you an opportunity to catch reds.  So make sure that you are taking all of these places into account. The level of the tide and the food source in the area is really going to determine where you are finding fish.

It is important that you stay flexible, as the tides are moving or if you find yourself in a slack tide you may want to leave the tidal region and go fishing near a jetty or structure.  Large bulls will sit near a jetty or off the coast looking for small fish to eat, and this is a great time to catch them.

Also, another thing to consider is water temperature.  In the summer months reds will be in shallow water early, and as the day heats up they will look to go to the deeper parts to escape the heat.  It will be the opposite in the winter. This is also a good time to work on sight fishing, its one of the aspects that makes reds fun.

Keep an eye out for movement on top of the water.  Just because these fish are large doesn’t stop them from making their way up into the shallow parts where you can see them tailing as they look for food.  This is a perfect time to cast amongst them and watch your success increase.

Choosing a Rod and Reel

One of the best things about reds is that you can catch them on a variety of rods and reels.  Everything from a spinning reel to a fly rod. This decision is solely up to the angler, but many choose to go with a spinning reel, as it is easy to use live or artificial lures.  Also, it can be used at any skill level.

If you want a real challenge get out a fly rod and give it a try.  It may take some calm weather though, as any wind in the marsh can adversely affect your casting.  It will definitely add a new flavor to fly fishing and fishing for reds though, so every angler should try it at some point.


Redfish are one of the best trophy fish to catch in the Southeastern United States.  These hard-hitting and hard fighting fish are always a blast to catch and they are even better to eat.  Make sure that you are following the tides, as this is the best key to locating monster bulls.

You will want to be in position a few hours before the tides come in, and you will be able to hit them as they are making their way up into the tidal creeks to feed.  Also, they can be caught from the shore by fishing near jetties or passes. There is an abundance of opportunities and they can be caught on a number of different reels or lures.  Get out there and get fishing for Reds and you will be addicted for life.

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