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Freezing Storage Techniques to keep your fish fresh
Freezing Storage Techniques to keep your fish fresh

Freezing Storage Techniques to keep your fish fresh

While the weather is taking its time to warm up, it doesn’t mean you can’t get out there and catch some fish.  Spring will come soon enough, and if you are lucky enough to live in an area where it has been warm, hopefully, you have had some success fishing.  If you have caught a bunch of fish this year, you may be looking for a better way to store your food.

it is hard to eat all of your fish before it goes bad.  This article is going to cover the best way to freeze your fish.  If you follow these instructions below, you will find that the fish you caught over a year ago tastes just as good as something you bring off the boat today.

Freezer Bag

Always make sure that you are using a bag meant for the freezer.  You will want to double check your Ziploc bags to make sure they are intended for the freezer.  You do not want to use a storage bag for your fish, although they do look similar. They are not meant to protect the fish from freezer burn, like a freezer bag will.

Packing the Filets

You want to make sure that when you are freezing fish filets that they are put in the freezer bag nice and flat.  This takes up less room in the freezer, and you can stack multiple bags on top of one another. Make sure that you just don’t throw them in a bag and Ziploc it, if you take care and lay them in they will keep better. After you finish this part, you want to make sure that you squeeze as much air out as possible.  Try submerging your bag in water, as this is a great way to remove any excess air.

The Insulator

Once the fish is packed into the freezer bag, you can use newspaper to act as an insulator.  You will want to have about three or four sheets of newspaper and wrap that nicely around the freezer bag.  Then you can take some tape and tape the newspaper together. The newspaper will act as an insulator and prevent the fish from getting freezer burn.  After the fish is wrapped in newspaper, you will want to write on the newspaper to let you know when you caught the fish, and what kind of fish it is.

Vacuum Sealer

The above method is a great and cheap way to store your fish and prevent freezer burn.  However, the best way to prevent freezer burn is to use a vacuum sealer. A nice vacuum sealer will keep fish for years without worrying about freezer burn or anything else.   So if you are an avid outdoorsman, it is smart to invest in a quality vacuum sealer. It will save a good deal of money down the road.


You can freeze your fish and prevent freezer burn if you use this method.  You want to be methodical, and make sure that you use freezer bags. Their thicker material will help keep the fish tasting fresher, also, wrapping them in the newspaper will help to insulate the fish from the cold.  This is a great method to use if you don’t have a vacuum sealer. However, it will not be as effective as a vacuum sealer.

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