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Choosing the Right Rod/Reel Combo
Choosing the Right Rod/Reel Combo

Choosing the Right Rod/Reel Combo

There are very few purchases in the world that are more difficult than trying to find the right rod and reel combination.  Every fisherman wants to get the best bang for his buck, and the best quality, material. So it isn’t as easy as going to the store thumbing through some rods and reels and picking the best one.  

First, you have to decide what you are going to fishing for; then you need to look at reviews.  Also, you will want to see how your rod and reel match up. Lastly, you want to get the best price so you will have to shop around a bit.  All of these things take time, and preparation, this article is going to help you find the perfect rod and reel. It will mainly focus on bass fishing, but you can apply the same concepts to any rod and reel combo that you are looking to purchase.


Fishing rods vary in length; they can range anywhere from 4 to 14 feet.  The average bass rod is about 5 to 8 feet. This is an average, and it will all depend on where you are fishing and how far you need to cast a line.

The smaller rods are not going to cast as far as the longer rods.  So if you have a boat, and a trolling motor, you can probably get closer to your spot, and you can use a shorter rod.  If you do a lot of fishing from the land, you may want to look at getting a longer rod, so you can cast your line into those far to reach spots.  Either way, it will depend on what you need, as a fisherman and you can choose your own length off individual needs.

Choosing an Action

The action on a rod means how much a rod will bend when pressure is applied.  For bass fishing, you want to get a fast or very fast action. This means that the when a fish is on, the rod will bend in the top half of the rod.   The fast action is a favorite for bass fishing because it allows you to generate the most power and you will have better sensitivity. These are also best used when you are using a worm or jig fishing.

Medium actions are good for when you need to cast farther, but still be able to set the hook properly.  You will want to use these with topwater lures and crankbaits. This allows you to let the bass engulf the lure before you set the hook.  It will prevent you from pulling the bait right from its mouth. It is good to base your action off of the lure; you are using, as this will give you the best results.  

Graphite or Fiberglass

Most fishing rods are either made from graphite or fiberglass, and you should know the difference between the two.  The Fiberglass rods have been around for decades, and they are great rods when you are looking for a medium action or using a crankbait. They will almost all provide you with a medium action, so you will be able to cast further with these rods.  These are all around good rods, but graphite tends to be more popular with bass fishermen.

Graphite rods are made through an arduous process that involves extreme heats and lots of layers.  This helps to give you a strong and fast action. A good graphite rod is going to be expensive, so it is important that you know what you are buying.  An expensive graphite rod is going to give you the strength and power that you are looking for when it comes to bass fishing.


The power in the rod is determined by how much it takes to bend the rod.  The lightweight and ultralightweight rods are not a great choice for bass, and they are better geared towards smaller fish.  For bass fishing, you will want to look at getting something with a medium to heavy power.

Medium power rods are meant for use with jerk baits, crankbaits or spinner baits.  It allows you to work them easily. Where a heavy power rod is better with topwater lures like a frog, that would need less bend in the rod to catch a fish.

Also, another thing that you want to look at is the line.  Power and the line you are using go hand in hand, and it is recommended that you use whatever the rod manufacturer suggests.  You will not want to snap a line or a rod using the wrong thing. Just check with the manufacturer, before you buy a rod.

Choosing a Reel

When it comes to bass fishing, most people use either a spinning reel or a bait caster reel.  The spinning reel is great when you are using a light line and a light lure. These reels are simple to use, and if you use the right line size like a 6 or 12-pound line, you should be set.  

The baitcaster is probably the more popular of the two for the serious bass fishermen. You can have a heavier test on this line and still cast it farther than the other lines.  It makes for a great reel and allows you to get your bait exactly where it needs to go, and with bass fishing, having a precision cast is key.


Bass fishing is like any sport in the outdoors.  You need to know your environment before you purchase your equipment.  Different rod and reel combinations are going to offer you specific advantages and disadvantages.  So it is good to know exactly what you are looking for, and the area you will be fishing.

Once you have determined these things, you can select a better rod and reel.  Most bass fishermen are going to look for a rod that has heavy power as well as a heavy action.  It gives you the best performance overall. However, some people prefer the medium action, and it all comes down to personal preference.

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