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Getting your bow ready for the season
Getting your bow ready for the season

As the summer months are coming up, now is the perfect time to get your bow ready and start practicing for opening day of bow season.  You don’t want to wait until August and be behind the 8 ball, if you start prepping and practicing with your bow now you will be much more comfortable than waiting until August.  Summer offers the perfect time to get out and practice, and this article is going to guide you on the essentials for prepping your bow for the season.

Replacing the String

The first thing you want to check is your string.  If you have had the bow for a few years, you will probably want to consider replacing the string.  This is very important on a compound bow, and as the string ages, it will get looser. This causes your arrow to fly inconsistently, causing you to miss come bow season.  

Plus, if you are shooting a compound bow this can have a major effect on your cam timing.  The strings are going to stretch, so instead of missing the early season buck of a lifetime, be proactive and change the strings.  If you wait too long it may have devastating consequences later on.

Peep sight correction

Whether you have the same string, or you have a new one, it is critical that you check the peep sight alignment.  Even if the sight is slightly off you may want to have it fixed or adjust it yourself. The sight should line up directly with your eye.  

If the sight is slightly off, it can cause your shot to be off, or give you a great deal of frustration during the season.  Make sure that you pull your bow out after it has been boxed away and make sure that it lines up properly.

Check the Cams

Just like when you checked your string you want to make sure that the cams are working properly.  It is imperative to your compound bow that they are in great shape, make sure there are no visible dents or damage, as this can affect the arrows flight.  

This is probably something that you will not be able to fix on your own.  So if you notice a problem with your cams you are going to want to take them to a bow technician.  They will be able to better diagnose and replace the cams if they are needed to be fixed.


One of the biggest things that you should be doing in the offseason is practicing.  Take the time to make some shots in your backyard, and if you are setting up stands in the summer, make sure you cut shooting paths and practice shooting from a tree stand.  This will only make you a better bowhunter, and you will be more comfortable in the offseason.


If you take the time now to inspect your bow, you can beat all the other hunters who have to have their bow serviced right before the season.  Proper care and maintenance are important as well as practice. Make sure the string, cam, and peep sight are ready for the season. This will help guarantee you success come early fall.

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